Friday, November 14, 2014

Media Montage Podcast 79: Making Mini-Comics

Bruce and Larry want you to do it yourself as they explore the world of self published mini-comics! Larry has been making them for seven years, and he challenged Bruce to complete two minicomics in just a few weeks.  Was Bruce up to the task?  

They discuss the Do It Yourself ethos and personal satisfaction in making mini-comics and of self-publishing your own art and writing.  We talk size and format, digital vs analog,  traditional stories vs experimental, pricing and even ways to monetize your mini-comics in Episode 79 of the Media Montage Podcast! 

Read Larry’s Mincomics:

Progression of work on 'Run': 

Read Bruce’s Minicomics: 

Progression of work on 55 Rewind including thumbnail, inked full-size page and final mini-comic:

Here are simple instructions for a single 8.5x11 8 page minicomic that prints on a single side of paper:

Our Other Comics:

Magna Comica:
Brain Teaser Comics:


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