Friday, January 29, 2016

Media Montage Podcast 124: Big Stars, Early Roles

Oscar winners, Blockbuster Mega-stars, and respected film veterans all got their start somewhere. TV movies, commercials, soap operas, and schlock horror have all served as the proving grounds for some of Hollywood's biggest stars.  

This week Bruce and Larry take a look at the humble beginnings of the titans of the screen.  We look at some our our favorite early roles of today's biggest stars.  

Jack Black pitching video games? Brad Pitt and Julianne Moore slumming it in the soaps?  And who got lost in the storm tunnels when he became obsessed with Role Playing Games in an early role?

The answers to these questions and more in Episode 124 of the Media Montage Podcast.

Plus Larry learns about Reach by Martini Ranch with Bill Paxton, Lance Henrikson, Judge Reinhold, and Paul Reiser in a video directed by James Cameron:

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Monday, January 25, 2016

The X-Files Returns! Some Related Podcasts and Links

The X-Files made its return to television last night for a six episode limited engagement.  The show has certainly had a massive influence on the conspiracy topics Larry and I are interested in, and have covered on the Media Montage Podcast over the last few years.

The episode, titled My Struggle, hit on many of the topics that have risen to prominence in the conspiracy field since the original run show went of the air in 2002.

The episode touched on Conspiratainment, Nazi scientists, ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), 911/False Flag theories, reverse engineered alien technology and the episode strongly hinted at the Breakaway Civilization theory.

Here are some Media Montage Podcast episodes that can inform you on some of those topics:

Episode 21: Conspiratainment - embodied in Joel McHale's Tad O'Malley character, an Alex Jones style Conspira-Tainer.

Episode 70: Operation Paperclip - Nazi scientists brought to the US post WW2, who found themselves intimately involved in the origins of the CIA and NASA.

Episode 101: Introduction to the New World Order - Overview of the plots to implement a single, dictatorial World System instituted by sinister cabals.

While Larry and I haven't covered ARVs or Breakaway Civilization...yet...Here's a good presentation about those some of those theories from Walter Bosley of

Get yourself up to speed on some of the weirdness mentioned in last night's episode. It's cool to have the X-Files back, even for a limited run, and I can't wait to see what the next five episodes have in store.

The Truth is STILL Out There!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Media Montage 123: The Films of 1986

(Apologies for Bruce's audio quality in parts of this episode. A last minute Skype update was forced right before recording and some settings defaulted resulting in distorted audio.)

1986 was a great movie year! 30 years ago saw a year of fantastic films, it was a movie year that's gotten a lot of love at the Media Montage Podcast.

We've looked at The Boy Who Could Fly, From Beyond, Maximum Overdrive, Short Circuit and of course, Never Too Young to Die, from the heart of the Reagan era.

In this episode Bruce and Larry take a big-picture look at the films of 1986. Techno-paranoia, the Cold War, Australia and the Military Industrial Complex all had dedicated feature films in '86 as well as that lovable sociopath Ferris Bueller in episode 123 of the Media Montage Podcast!

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