Friday, March 13, 2015

Media Montage Podcast 93: Short Circuit (1986) and Short Circuit 2 (1988)

Number 5 is alive! Loveable robot Johnny 5 is in the spotlight this week as Bruce and Larry revisit the 1980s Short Circuit films.  

Tim Blaney as Number 5, Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenburg, Fisher Stevens and Michael McKean appear in Short Circuit (1986) and Short Circuit 2 (1988). 

These sweet family comedies explore some important science fiction themes about humanity,  the potential pitfalls of artificial intelligence, and what it means to be 'alive'.  Short Circuit was also an especially prescient film on the topic of military robots and how they would be used. 

How do these films hold up against modern movie magic?  How do they hold up as comedies?  Were they any good to begin with? Find out in episode 93 of the Media Montage Podcast!

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