Thursday, May 12, 2016

Media Montage Podcast 133 - Captain America: Civil War (2016) & Marvel Comics: Civil War (2006)

Captain America vs Iron Man! The 13th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here! Captain America: Civil War takes its story from the 2006 Marvel Comics crossover event and 7 issue miniseries.
Bruce and Larry contrast and compare that miniseries with the events of the film. Why are our heroes at odds? What brings these allies to the brink of war? They look at the causes of the conflict in both the comics and the film. 
Which medium tells a better story? Can you get a good movie with a cast featuring a dozen established heroes while introducing two new ones? How does Bruce REALLY feel about comics crossovers and events? What is a Stabbity Jones?
Find out the answers to those questions and more in Episode 133 of the Media Montage Podcast!
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